How to remove movie master

Movie Master by Green Fire Software is a free application which adds a small button ‘Lights Off!’/’Lights On!’ to video sites (like YouTube etc.). It “allows you to toggle the lights on or off” – meaning, when applicable, it shows you a switch button that hides intrusive ads or other content, to allow you fully enjoy a video you are currently watching.

But it is not the only functionality of MovieMaster. As per its Terms and Conditions, the program may modify your web traffic, show advertisements, change your browser’s default home page or search provider. It may even modify or disable features in some applications installed on your PC, or modify your system settings. Please find below quotes from MovieMaster’s Terms: 

“These Applications may provide their functionality and advertising by modifying your network traffic. We make all reasonable efforts to preserve the integrity of the content or web pages requested, but the Applications may edit or remove some content, in addition to inserting new content.”

“Applications may be supported by advertising, which may include display ads (banner ads), text ads, in-text ads (e.g., keyword highlighting), interstitial ads, pop up ads, pop under ads, or other types of ads. Users may see additional ads when using their Internet browser or other software applications.”

“Applications or advertisements may automatically require changing your web browser’s default home page, default page or set of pages on startup, default search provider, and other browser settings. Applications may modify or disable certain web browser or operating system features including, but not limited to load time alerts, accelerator features, network proxy settings, firewall settings, DNS settings, and Content Security Policy functionality.”

“Applications may modify or disable features or functionality of Other Applications (defined below) or Other Applications’ shortcuts. This includes, but is not limited to, modifying Other Applications’ shortcuts so that they are started in a modified state or so that they start similar or nearly identical applications with modified or enhanced functionality. "Other Applications" means any other software application installed on the user’s PC including, but not limited to, word processors, email clients, chat clients, system utilities, antivirus software, security software, network monitors, games, web browser plug-ins, web browser add-ons, web browser extensions, web browsers, remote access utilities, and operating system features.”

Service related to MovieMaster automatically launches with every Windows start. Sometimes, it may be difficult to stop it manually:

Application leaves its folder in the unusual Windows path – C:\ProgramData\MovieMaster, also it installs to all user accounts.

If you want to remove MovieMaster from your PC, please find below step-by-step instructions.

Note. This is a self-help guide. Use it at your own risk. This article is provided "as is" and to be used for information purposes.

1.    Before you start, please make sure you are logged as a system administrator. Also, please save a copy of your important documents/files on an external hard drive/cloud storage.

2.    From your desktop, click on Windows Start button and choose Control Panel option (Windows 8 users: right-click on ‘Windows Start’   icon (by default, it is located in the left bottom corner of your screen), and choose Control Panel from the context menu):

•    click ‘Programs and Features’ (Windows Vista, 7 and 8)/‘Add or Remove Programs’ (Windows XP),
•    Please find ‘MovieMaster’ by Green Fire Software -> right click on it and choose ‘Uninstall’ -> follow removal prompts:
•    A webpage confirming successful uninstall of MovieMaster should open with offers to install new software. Please simply close this page.

3.    Please make sure that hidden files in your Windows Explorer are visible: Start –> Control Panel (Appearance and Personalization) –> Folder Options –> ‘View’ tab –> find ‘Hidden files and folders’ and check a box ‘Show hidden files, folders, and drives’. 

4.    Follow this path - C:\Users\YOUR_USER_NAME\AppData\Local\Temp (XP users: C:\Documents and Settings\YOUR_USER_NAME\Local Settings\Temp) -> highlight all the files/folders here -> press ‘Shift’+’Delete’ and click ‘Yes’ to completely clean this folder (Note. If you receive messages that some files cannot be removed, just skip the file in question).

5.     Please find the directories below and make sure that all the MovieMaster traces are removed: 
C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\MovieMaster (XP)

6.    Now, please install Ad-Aware to make sure you don’t have any infections on your machine: 
•    Click here to download Ad-Aware, and follow installation instructions from Ad-Aware User Guide (‘Installation and Uninstallation’ -> ‘Ad-Aware Install’ section).
•    Perform a full scan of your PC with Ad-Aware (following Ad-Aware User guide: ‘Scanning System’ -> ‘Running a scan’ section).
•    Restart your PC.

7.    If you continue facing issues with MovieMaster, please remove its traces from your registry. Before you start, please make sure you understand how important this part of your PC is. You cannot restore data from here once you delete something (‘Ctrl+Z’ never works in Registry Editor). And if you delete an incorrect component by mistake, it may damage your OS and make it unusable. 

•    To open the Registry, press ‘Win+R’ keys on your keyboard -> in the opened window type regedit and press ‘Enter’. 
•    Highlight main registry section called ‘Computer’ -> press Ctrl+F keys on your keyboard -> make sure Keys, Values, Data check-boxes in the ‘Find’ window are checked -> type MovieMaster in the search field and click OK. Search results will highlight a key/value/data that contains MovieMaster components. If you find the exact match with the name of program you want to remove, right click on the element in question and choose ‘Delete’ from the context menu. 
•    Use F3 key to continue the search and to find all the necessary files.
•    Repeat the above steps with a word MovieMasterService.
•    Exit the registry editor.
•    Reboot your PC.

Lastly, it is recommended to always keep your antivirus program up-to-date with a real-time protection turned on, and perform weekly full scans to stay protected at all times.