Introducing​ ​adaware:​ ​Lavasoft​ ​Announces​ ​New​ ​Corporate​ ​Identity

Cybersecurity company relaunches under new name to further focus on empowering users and improving the user experience

MONTREAL – February 14, 2017 –  Lavasoft, the maker of award-winning Ad-Aware Antivirus and other security and privacy software solutions, today announces its corporate rebrand to adaware. For 17 years, the company has been dedicated to providing the utmost level of security to consumers at no cost and will continue to do so under its new, more streamlined identity, adaware. The move to adaware represents an important shift for the company, focused on providing excellent user experiences and empowering its users.

“Our company was founded on the belief that consumers deserve to have secure digital connections and experiences and we’ve been committed to offering the best protection for all our users, not just the paid ones,” said Daniel Assouline, CEO of adaware, previously Lavasoft. “We’ve always been focused primarily on creating the most reliable, forward-thinking free cybersecurity solutions on the market. Now, we’re excited for our brand to reflect that same level of innovation.”

adaware is deeply rooted in privacy and security, with the constant goal of providing the best and most user-friendly protection to its users. While cyber danger is a regular occurrence in our everyday lives, it doesn’t mean we can’t fully enjoy our online experience. adaware’s dedication to privacy and continued innovation gives consumers peace of mind, knowing adaware’s security solutions will protect both their devices and identities when connecting online. The new brand reflects the continued commitment to protecting people while ensuring they have a positive online experience.

“While the corporate identity may change seemingly overnight, this initiative to drive product innovation and modernize our brand has been in the works for the past few years,” said Assouline. “We’ve made our product better, faster, lighter and smaller. We’ve spent a lot of time making sure our solutions are going to deliver the highest level of security and privacy to our users, and we’re thrilled to showcase this new face to consumers around the globe.”

Alongside adaware’s new corporate identity, the company will release adaware antivirus 12, a completely redesigned antivirus solution that encompasses adaware’s commitment to unparallelled user experience and security. Additions to adaware’s product suite will be revealed in the coming months. In keeping with the company’s historical emphasis on its end user, new adaware products will cater to today’s consumer by pairing a seamless user experience with a modern interface without sacrificing security or privacy. Rather than embedding fear of potential online threats, adaware empowers consumers to enjoy their online connections in a safe fashion, and will continue to do so under its new name.


About adaware

adaware is an award-winning security and privacy software provider, empowering users to connect with confidence. Its digital security solutions provide a seamless user experience and peace of mind, protecting users from all forms of malware including viruses, spyware, adware, phishing attempts and drive-by downloads. Previously known as Lavasoft, adaware has been providing innovative security solutions for users since 1999. To learn more about the adaware experience and access its innovative security software, visit;