Just when you thought you knew how to protect yourself from online threats, we have another warning for you.

A new worm, known as Win32.Pipeline, has been identified and is spreading over AOL Instant Messenger. Security researchers think the goal of the worm is to create a sophisticated botnet, used for a variety of malicious intent.

In light of the recent e-scandal in Sweden just before national elections, we're reminded of the importance of practicing safe surfing. Hackers from one political party were able to break into the network of the opposing party, resulting in high-level resignations.

Instead of bombarding you with more information on the importance of online privacy after the fact, we thought we'd help you stay proactive. We've been working on a "top 10" list to help keep you free from privacy invasions.

Everyone likes to receive a pat on the back sometimes, to know that something they are doing makes a difference in another persons life. Here at Lavasoft, we're no different.

We're used to the saying, "Big Brother is watching you." Could the future be, "Google is listening?"

As advancements in computer technology become more and more sophisticated, so does the ability to personalize it. We know about cookies, caches, and tracking software, that can let outsiders become in tune with our lifestyles. But at what point does it go too far?

Rogues Rise Again

by Michael on September 5th, 2006 in Researcher Comments.

Todays topic: rogue anti-spyware has surfaced again, after livening up their old tricks. Not that we can say we're surprised. Trick of the day: VirusBurst.

Fake anti-spyware software designers have been working hard to change interface and the names of their programs, but it's still the same scam: showing phoney spyware alerts on your computer to manipulate you into buying a product.


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