A Whole Lot of Beta Testers

by Michael on February 28th, 2007 in Beta Testing.

101,683. That's how many people have registered as Ad-Aware 2007 beta testers - and we are so excited!

castlecops 5

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear CastleCops, happy birthday to you!

The adware distributor DirectRevenue LLC, which you may remember from a New York, U.S. adware case, has settled U.S. Federal Trade Commission charges that it used unfair and deceptive means to download adware onto consumers' PCs and obstructed them from removing it, the FTC says.

Along with giving up $1.5 million in ill-gotten gains, the settlement:

- Bars future downloads of DirectRevenues adware without consumers' consent.

Todays security news story comes with a moral: never underestimate the importance of having good anti-virus, anti-spyware, and firewall software, along with always making sure to update your operating system.

Last week's pharming attack on over 50 financial institutions that targeted online customers in the U.S., Europe and Asia-Pacific has been shut down, but not before it was able to infect at least 1,000 PCs per day over a three day period.

If you are following the case about the substitute teacher that faces 40 years in prison, you won't want to miss this recent article on Julie Amero.

Stay tuned for the March edition of Lavasoft News (where we'll be publishing letters from some of you who wrote in to us about the so-called "spyware" teacher) and for an update from us on Friday (when Amero's sentencing is expected).

Wow! Did you see that settlement against Microsoft posted on Cnet today?

1,500,000,000 U.S. dollars. Yes, that is 1.5 BILLION dollars!

From day one, we believed - and still believe - that computer users everywhere have the inherent right to choose what products they use to protect their personal privacy. So we are always just a little sceptical when Goliath force-feeds their newest programs on so many trusting and forgiving souls.

Even before it hit the market, Vista, pegged by Windows as their most secure operating system yet, has been under the scrutiny of many in the security industry. And the security spotlight continues...

Only weeks after its commercial release, researchers are raising specific concerns about the new operating systems security.

We don't like to brag. OK, maybe sometimes, only when it's really, really necessary.

The public beta for Ad-Aware 2007 is still a few weeks away and we already have more than 50,000 people signed up, eagerly awaiting the chance to test it.

Thank you to all those who have registered and to those who plan on registering. We look forward to getting your feedback. You will be helping create the final product trusted by hundreds of millions of computer users around the world.

"It's just another Hallmark holiday." We've all heard that line from Valentines cynics who believe the day is mostly to benefit stores in selling more cards and merchandise.

But, sadly enough for the romantics among us, marketers are not the only ones who are using the occasion to their advantage. Whether or not you buy into the holiday, you'll need to stay on the lookout for online scams today.

What's New in Ad-Aware 2007?

by Erin on February 13th, 2007 in Lavasoft Products.

For the thousands of you who answered our call for Ad-Aware 2007 beta testers, and for those of you who still plan to register, the Ad-Aware 2007 beta will be ready for you to try out in only a few more weeks. With that in mind, it's the perfect time to bring you the first peek at the highlights of our upcoming new product!

First, we'd like to answer a few of your questions on Ad-Aware 2007. Some of you have been asking about the versions of Ad-Aware that we will be releasing. When Ad-Aware 2007 is released later this spring, you will be able to choose from Ad-Aware 2007 Free (the new version of Ad-Aware SE Personal, which will, as always, be completely free of charge), Ad-Aware 2007 Plus, and Ad-Aware 2007 Pro. Those of you with a valid license for Ad-Aware SE will be able to upgrade to the new product, free of charge.

This is directed at all of our North American users - did you know that you'll be turning the clocks ahead three weeks earlier this year? And that your PC could be affected?

In a bid to conserve electricity, an American energy policy was signed into law in 2005 calling for the extension of DST by four weeks. This year it will be moved from the first Sunday in April to the second Sunday in March, and will end one week later, the first Sunday in November.


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