Secret Service is yet another rogue that is spreading by using fake online scanners.

As our select group of registered beta testers know, in preparation of the next major Ad-Aware release on August 25, 2009, closed beta testing for the new version is now underway. We’re looking forward to working with our seasoned group of testers to help us fine-tune this new version and make sure it’s everything that you need and want it to be.

The trend of exploiting current news events to deliver malware continues to push the boundaries of decency. Its not very often we are taken aback by malware distribution methods, but the recent vulture-like exploitation of the Air France disaster and deaths of Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett really is plumbing the depths of social engineering techniques.

As we’re here doing business as usual at Lavasoft, we’re also thinking about the bigger picture – making the world a better, safer place for us all.

The” average Joe” probably sees the word "virus" as a generic term for all current threats out there in the wild. The reality is much different. There are a lot of categories which must be mentioned in this context.  The word "virus" should not be used as a catchall term for malicious infections. A virus is actually a malicious file which has the ability to infect/add malicious code to other files; we currently see a downward trend of this type of infections.

Thinking of upgrading to a new computer? Make sure you have a plan for the old one.

Most of us have very active online lives; that goes hand in hand with using our computers to help store our important digital data – from online shopping receipts to tax-related records to banking information.

You most likely saw some of the news and debate that followed President Obama’s unveiling of his administration’s plan to deal with cyber security threats to U.S. federal agencies and the private sector.  With any personal views on the plan itself aside, as part of his remarks late last month, President Obama delivered an eloquent commentary on the current state of online security – one that, while aimed at Americans, applies to all Internet users, regardless of nationality.

By now many of you have heard that Microsoft is preparing to release a free version of anti-virus sometime in the near future (they call it Morro for now), and we are always asked what we think and does it make us nervous.

New Rogue! XP Deluxe Protector

by Albin on June 9th, 2009 in Rogues.

XP Deluxe Protector is a new rogue application. It will show false scanning results to entice users to purchase their software.

The Pirate Party, one of Sweden's many small political parties whose main platform addresses file sharing and digital rights, achieved monumental success in last night's EU elections - gaining over 7% of the Swedish vote and actually winning a seat in the European Parliament.

The U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) broke the news yesterday that it shut down a notorious rogue Internet service provider which, it claims, actively participated in hosting spam-spreading botnets, phishing sites, child pornography, and other illegal and malicious content.

From the FTC news release

Browser security, namely which web browser keeps users the most secure, has long been a hotly disputed topic in the computer security industry. That’s why there was so much buzz surrounding the launch of Google Chrome, Google’s innovative new web browser.

Google’s objective with Google Chrome was to help make the Web faster, safer, and easier for users. In designing Chrome with this in mind, it actively addresses many of the vast security issues that each of us faces every time we browse the Web.


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