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Ad-Aware 2008 comes loaded with four new skins, providing you with more choices when it comes to giving your favorite anti-spyware a look and feel that suits your taste. Below you will find brief presentations of the new skins and how they came to be.






As the next step in the process of making localized versions of Ad-Aware 2007, software update introduces Spanish. The new installation package should be available on the download servers shortly, and the Spanish language file will be available through the software update functionality in Ad-Aware.

Information about updates is also available in this thread in the Lavasoft Support Forums.

The software updates made available today serve to fix issues with slow updates (which caused 'SSL Download failed' errors), program crashes at Windows startup scans and a few smaller bugs. The software update also includes a new version of the Update Manager.

The software version number remains at as this update does not contain any major feature additions.

Information about updates is also available in this thread in the Lavasoft Support Forums.

The Aesthetics of Malware

by Tobias on January 23rd, 2008 in Riff Raff.

Visual artist Alex Dragulescu has created a set of aesthetic, organic-looking visualizations of malware.

"For each piece of disassembled code, API calls, memory addresses and subroutines are tracked and analyzed. Their frequency, density and grouping are mapped to the inputs of an algorithm that grows a virtual 3D entity. Therefore the patterns and rhythms found in the data drive the configuration of the artificial organism."

Have a look at: https://sq.ro/malwarez.php

The software update to contains some exciting new additions to Ad-Aware 2007.

First of all there have been changes made to various parts of the scanning engine, which improves the detection and removal of malware affecting LSP and NSP, a network scanning problem has been fixed, and the malware removal at Windows startup now removes folders.

Lavasoft News Redesigned

by Tobias on December 20th, 2007 in Lavasoft Products.

The December edition of Lavasoft News was the premiere for a new design of the newsletter and we would like to thank all of our readers who wrote in with positive feedback. In order to give the newsletter a more coherent feel, we overhauled the design, both in terms of appearance and content.

Last week saw the release of software update for Ad-Aware 2007. This update contains some tweaks intended to improve the internal communication between the service and the user interface in the program, which has caused problems on some systems.

Also included in the update is a fix for a bug that affected some users when they tried to remove large quantities of infections.

The memory usage of the Service component of Ad-Aware 2007 has caused much debate, especially among the freeware users, who do not have access to the scheduling or real-time features. The service architecture is necessary as we begin to address emerging forms of malware and you can read more about this in the thread Regarding the Service on the Lavasoft Support Forums.

Our good friends at the volunteer-led security community CastleCops are devoted to helping victims of cybercrime, but the community itself is also a frequent target for attacks from cybercrime organizations.

The attacks have, up until now, consisted mainly of distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks intended to make the community unavailable for its members.


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