User Interface and Operation

You can operate the Ad-Aware application via the following program interface elements:

1. Caption panel

On the panel, you can see the program name. Use the Minimize and Close buttons to minimize or hide the application to the taskbar, or close the application. You may use the caption panel to move an application window by grabbing the title bar and dragging.

2. Header

On the panel, you can see the program version and status bar indicating that computer is protected, at risk or threats are detected.

3. Left menu

The menu's purpose is to supply a common housing for the main application features. Click the menu element of your choice to access the required menu section.

4. Breadcrumbs

Breadcrumbs are a navigation and effective visual aid that indicates your location within the application’s hierarchy. It allows you to keep track of your locations within Ad-Aware.

Breadcrumbs reduce the number of actions you need to take to get to a higher-level screen, and they improve the findability of the application's sections and screens.

5. Back button

Gives you a way to return to the previous screen.

6. Content pane

Once you click the menu element of your choice on the Left menu, a corresponding menu section opens.

7. Floating panel

To make the floating panel visible, click or move your pointer over the bottom edge of the application window for the panel to make it expanded. On the panel, you can see a logo and the following icons: alerts, info and help.

Applies to: Ad-Aware 11

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