adaware announces release of adaware antivirus 12

Cybersecurity solutions provider redefines the antivirus experience with faster, more positive user experience

MONTREAL – February 15, 2016 – Award-winning security and privacy software provider adaware, formerly Lavasoft, today announces the release of adaware antivirus 12, a modern redesign of its longstanding antivirus solution. The all-new adaware antivirus 12, available in free and paid versions, pairs an updated look and feel with a level of protection that surpasses expectations.

“Consumers want an antivirus solution that is straight-forward and efficient,” said Daniel Assouline, CEO of adaware. “With adaware antivirus 12, we’ve made it easier than ever for consumers to continue connecting online, knowing that our best-in-class software is providing protection and privacy for their personal network.”

adaware antivirus 12 features a redesigned and simplified user interface that provides consumers with faster scans, improved security and unwavering digital protection. Both free and paid versions of the lean and powerful antivirus solution run seamlessly without the slow-downs typically associated with an intensive security program. By enabling consumers to control resource usage and consumption, adaware antivirus 12 significantly reduces scan duration and makes it possible to run a scan in the background without slowing down the processor.

Engineered by the adaware team of seasoned cyber-security experts, adaware antivirus 12 protects consumers against all forms of attacks including viruses, spyware, adware, phishing and drive-by downloads. Unlike other antiviruses that disrupt the user’s online experience with pop-ups and reminders, adaware antivirus 12 gives users the option to disable notifications, allowing consumers to fully enjoy their digital experience.

“In addition to adaware antivirus 12, we’re excited to roll out a redesigned, modern product suite that contains thinner, lighter and more seamless security solutions,” said Assouline. “Not only will our new products, such as adaware antivirus 12 and adaware ad block, ensure users have the highest defense against cyberattacks, consumers will be able to access this protection at no cost.”

In-house testing found that the free and paid versions of adaware antivirus 12 bested some of the most complete security suites from adaware’s competitors. Highlights from the testing indicate adaware antivirus 12 offers premier on-demand scan and real-time protection against new threats. The combination of a simple interface with superior security technology enables adaware to deliver the best - fastest and easiest to use - free antivirus solution on the market today.

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adaware is an award-winning security and privacy software provider, empowering users to connect with confidence. Its digital security solutions provide a seamless user experience and peace of mind, protecting users from all forms of malware including viruses, spyware, adware, phishing attempts and drive-by downloads. Previously known as Lavasoft, adaware has been providing innovative security solutions for users since 1999. To learn more about the adaware experience and access its innovative security software, visit