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Definition files are used by the adaware antivirus program to protect your computer against existing and new potential threats. Without the latest definition files, it is not fully protected from viruses. To ensure that adaware antivirus can protect your PC against all sorts of malware, you must ensure you have downloaded the latest definition files.


When you run the application for the first time, you will be prompted to register or activate your program. After completing the registration/activation process, you will be prompted to download the definition files:

Get the Latest Definition Files window

To download definitions, click the Get the Latest Definition Files button.

Warning icon Make sure you are connected to the Internet, otherwise definitions will not be downloaded.

Once the Get the Latest Definition Files button is clicked, the definition files start downloading:

Downloading Definitions window

Note icon Clicking the Close button will not abort the process of downloading definitions. It will close only the window showing you the process of downloading definition files.

You may also watch the progress of downloading definitions by doing the following:

  1. On the left navigation menu, select the Scan Computer option.
  2. Under the Definition Files block, click the Modify Settings button.
  3. In the Definition File Settings dialog, watch the download progress.

Downloading Definitions Progress

Or navigate to the Home tab:

Downloading Definitions - Home Tab


adaware antivirus uses continuously updated definitions to protect you from all sorts of malware and it is important to keep adaware antivirus updated regularly.

To enable and configure the Automatic Definitions Downloading feature, proceed through the steps listed below:

  1. On the left navigation menu, select the Scan Computer option.
  2. With the dialog displayed, click the Modify Settings button next to the Definition Files block.
  3. In the window that appears, you will see the Automatic Definitions Downloading feature already enabled. It means that adaware antivirus will automatically download and install new threat definitions. Single click the slider to switch between two positions. The green color stands for Enabled, which means that the Automatic Definitions Downloading feature is active and fully functional. The grey color represents the Disabled status, i.e. the feature is deactivated. If you do not have a good reason to disable the feature, we strictly recommend that you keep the Automatic Definitions Downloading feature turned on.
  4. Specify the frequency (from 1 hour to 24 hours) when adaware antivirus should check for new threat definition files using the Check for new Threat Definitions Every drop-down combo box.

Definition File Settings window

To update threat definitions manually, click the Check for Updates button of the Definition File Settings window:

Check for Updates button

Or, navigate to the Home tab and click the Check for Updates link:

Check for Updates link