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Adaware Antivirus features

adaware antivirus is an easy-to-use and effective anti-malware and antivirus product comprising high-class technologies which give you an unequaled protection against various kinds of viruses and malware.

Learn about the adaware antivirus key features:

on-demand scanner  Scan Computer (Free, Personal, Pro, Total)

Completely and correctly scans your computer for malicious software like blended malware, trojans, worms, backdoors, rootkits, hijackers, and invasive software like password stealers, monitoring tools, keyloggers and other applications that transmit private or personally identifiable information.

real time  Real-Time Protection (Free, Personal, Pro, Total)

Constantly watches the vulnerable areas of the computer and reacts to suspicious activity in real time. Monitors the change, deletion or modification of the files and also the execution and loading of programs and DLLs.

avc  Active Virus Control (Personal, Pro, Total)

Monitors the processes running on your PC, identifies any malware activities and potential threats using heuristics evaluation technology.

Web Protection  Web Protection (Personal, Pro, Total)

Internet filter and parental control software for your PC. It offers a security against a wide range of web-based threats, including the entry of malware, phishing, pharming and intrusions.

Email Protection  Email Protection (Pro, Total)

Protects against e-mail-borne threats by scanning both the content and the attachment of all incoming and outgoing emails against potentially malicious content.

Network Protection  Network Protection (Pro, Total)

Effectively filters network traffic, prevents malicious behavior, protects running processes and filters web content.

Parental Control  Parental Control (Total)

Helps you filter inappropriate content by restricting access to the Internet. Allows blocking your child from accessing adult-oriented websites.