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Security PIN

Security Pin is a feature that secures adaware antivirus against unwanted modifications that could be made by another software or user. Having set your PIN, the program will be protected from external attacks and from other users who want to change your settings.

To create a security code for adaware antivirus, proceed through the steps listed below:

1. On the left navigation menu, select the App Management option.

2. In the App Management dialog, click the slider to enable the Security Pin feature.

3. With the message box displayed, enter your four digit pin number, and click the Save button.

Create your Security Pin window

4. In the Set Your Retrieval Email dialog that appears, enter your email address to help retrieving your pin if you forget it or use the wrong one. Click the Save button.

Set your Retrieval Email window

5. With the confirmation message box, click the Close button. The Security PIN feature is now enabled.

Security Pin Changes is Complete window

Now when you have the Security Pin enabled, you will be asked to enter it every time you try to manage adaware antivirus settings. Just enter your 4-digit code and click the Submit button.

Security PIN Needed popup


If you forgot your pin number, with the Security PIN needed window displayed, click the Retrieval PIN link.

Retrieval PIN link

Your 4 digit pin will be sent to the email address you have indicated as a retrieval one. If you cannot find it in your Inbox, please check your Spam and Junk folders.

Note icon The retrieval email contains 4 digit pin presented as pictures. Make sure the Show Pictures feature is enabled in your email client. Please remember the digits and type them to the corresponding fields in the message box.


To change your security code, with the App Management dialog, in the Security Pin block, click the Change your security code link.

Change your Security Code link

In the window that appears, enter your new 4-digit pin and click the Submit button.

Change your Security Pin window

Your security code is now changed. Click the Close link to close the window.


To change your retrieval email address, please follow the steps below:

1. In the Security pin retrieval email block, click the Change your retrieval email address link.

Change your Retrieval Email Address link

2. In the Change Retrieval Email window that appears, type your new email address and click Save.

Change Retrieval Email window

3. With the confirmation message box, click the Close button. Your retrieval email address is now changed.

Retrieval Email Change is Complete window