Adaware Protect

Your top security and privacy protection. Free and simple.

Full protection against online threats

  • Adaware vpn
  • Adaware Online Security
  • Adaware Private Search
  • Adaware Ad
  • Adaware Adaware Camera/MICRO Blocker
  • Adaware Antitracking
  • Adaware Antivirus
  • Adaware PC Cleaner
  • Adaware Driver Manager
  • Adaware Secure Browser

An Extra Layer of Security for Your PC

Adaware Protect's Online Security keeps your entire computer safe from suspicious websites. Adaware Protect blocks unsafe sites and lets you see what applications try to access malicious or unknown URLs.

  • Adaware Safe
  • Adaware Unknown
  • Adaware Malicious

Block Hackers from Watching or Listening

With one click, Adaware Protect allows you to block hackers and spyware from accessing your camera and microphone. When it's time to video conference, one quick click and you're ready to go.

  • Adaware Unblocked
  • Adaware Unblocked
  • Adaware Blocked
  • Adaware Blocked

A Faster More Private Way to Browse the Web

The Adaware Safe Browser gives you a faster more private way to navigate the web. Block ads for a faster browsing experience. Block cookies and trackers to keep from being tracked. Use our Private Search to keep your search history hidden.


at your fingertips!

Choose your favorite features to optimize your PC’s performance. Scan and clean unnecessary files and applications on your PC from Adaware Protect.


Keeping your computer safe has never been this easy!

Without the proper protection tools, you are vulnerable to online threats and malware. Adaware Protect makes it easy to get access to all the features you need in one place.