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Nasze najlepsze oprogramowanie antywirusowe

adaware antivirus safeguards your computer from online threats so you can focus on the things that matter to you — connecting with friends, checking email and watching videos. All it takes is one simple installation and we’ve got you covered.
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Total Privacy + Security
FREE and simple

Get even more protection with Adaware Antivirus pro

Award-winning protection against all malware Stop viruses, ransomware, spyware and other forms of malware Shop & bank safely online Block hackers from accessing sensitive files on your Windows devices, including Windows 10 devices with Adaware Antivirus for free today
Unlimited technical support 24/7 Email protection & advanced antispam filters Avoid online scams with malicious URL detection


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Award-winning Antivirus protection Zabezpiecz swój komputer przed wirusami, programami szpiegującymi i ransomware oraz innym szkodliwym oprogramowaniem.
OCHRONA POBIERANYCH PLIKÓW Skanuj wszystkie pobierane pliki, aby uniknąć uszkodzenia komputera.
OCHRONA W CZASIE RZECZYWISTYM Blokuj szkodliwe procesy i zainfekowane pliki w czasie rzeczywistym.
POMOC TECHNICZNA Nieograniczona pomoc techniczna i obsługa klienta 24/7.
OCHRONA SIECIOWA Actively block dangerous websites and online threats.
BEZPIECZNIE RÓB ZAKUPY I KORZYSTAJ Z BANKOWOŚCI ONLINE Zapewnij sobie ochronę przed cyberprzestępcami, którzy czyhają na Twoje dane osobowe.
POTĘŻNA ZAPORA Zabezpiecz się przed hakerami i włamaniami za pośrednictwem sieci.
OCHRONA POCZTY E-MAIL Ochrona poczty e-mail w czasie rzeczywistym oraz zaawansowane filtry antyspamowe.
OCHRONA SIECI Blokuj ataki, używając zaawansowanych narzędzi monitorujących sieć.
ELEKTRONICZNA BLOKADA Chroń poufne dane za pomocą profesjonalnych metod szyfrowania.
NISZCZARKA PLIKÓW Trwale usuwaj poufne dane, używając profesjonalnej „niszczarki”.
KONTROLA RODZICIELSKA Chroń swoje dzieci przed nieodpowiednimi treściami w Internecie.
Speed Up And Optimize Your Pc Repair your PC problems and boost start-up times.
Protect Your Privacy Remove trackers and delete hidden activity logs.
Fix Windows Issues Automatically repair windows problems, boost memory and optimize disk space.
Clean Up Your Pc Remove unnecessary junk files, delete duplicates and free up disk space.
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Unrivaled Protection

As a pioneer in privacy protection and antispyware, Adaware (formerly Lavasoft), has been the recipient of multiple awards since 1999. Each year, Adaware Antivirus software is submitted to independent labs for testing and has consistently scored in the 99th percentile for protection against all forms of malware. As a result, Adaware is highly regarded as one of the best and most stable antimalware programs on the market.

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  • Windows 10
  • Windows 8, 8.1
  • Windows 7

The latest version of Adaware Antivirus allows users to experience effortless security. Automatic updates and real-time protection.

Minimum requirements to download our Antivirus:

  • 4.5 or higher version of Microsoft Windows Installer is required for installation of Adaware Antivirus.
  • 1.8 GB available free hard disk space (at least 800 MB on the system drive)
  • 1.6 MHz processor
  • 1 GB of memory (RAM)

Try our Antivirus free today. Download a reliable free Antivirus for optimal security.


What does Adaware Antivirus do to protect my security?

Our Adaware Antivirus offers seamless protection against the latest online security threats. Its Antivirus detection system automatically scans, blocks, and removes the latest threats before they can harm your computer. Antispyware protection safeguards your usernames, passwords, and personal information. Best of all, adaware Antivirus stays up-to-date and works in the background for a peaceful online experience.

Why should I use Adaware Antivirus?

Trusted source for online security since 1999, Adaware Antivirus frequently receives high detection scores from independent testers and automatically stays up-to-date with the latest threats. The latest version of Adaware Antivirus has the same great features with a simplified user interface, straightforward settings menu, and an enhanced user experience.

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Resources for you

Adaware Antivirus is always there for you, to keep your computer secure at any time. If you are ever wondering what the new threats to your device may be, our free Antivirus for PC not only protects your device but will also provide you with the resources you need to stay up to date with the newest threats. Visit our malware encyclopedia to learn about the latest malware and how it may impact your connection. We've done the hard work for you and compiled all of our analyses and research to always provide you with the most up to date information. Try Adaware Antivirus free today and access all of our helpful resources whenever you need to. If ever you are looking to stay up to date with relevant technology news, useful tips, product news, and much more you can also do so by visiting the Adaware blog.